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Hydraulic Oil Filter Machine

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Hydraulic Oil Filter Machine


SUMESH PETROLEUM PVT LTD utilized basic and exceptionally successful technique to decontaminate Hydraulic oil, the pump circulated oil from machine tank through suction filter intended to build the life of the pump. At that point the quantity of Micronics fine filters are utilized in arrangement begin from coarser to finer to Safe watch which is prudent practical.

The last filtration comes in the region of 5 or 3 micron evacuation proficiency. The filtration replenishes the original properties of the oil.

In its static frame, it tends to be for all time associated with expensive liquid supplies where machines are in steady utilize.


Hydraulic Oil Filter Machine


1. Expanded existence of in line filter
2. Can likewise use as an oil Transfer unit
3. Easy to operate
4. Low cost Maintenance
5. introduced with pressure control valve to interface on line