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Transformer Oil (Clay Free) Reclamation / Polishing Unit

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Transformer Oil (Clay Free) Reclamation / Polishing Unit

Transformer Oil (Clay Free) Reclamation / Polishing Unit

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The reclamation of Transformer Oil is economically justifiable, cost effective and environmentally sounds. The reclamation is economically attractive because of increasing prices for both mineral and synthetic transformer coolants.

In our plant, oil is reclaimed by heating, filtration, free moisture removal by coalescer filters, activated fuller’s earth treatment and vacuum dehydration.

The plant will consist of mainly two things:

1. Fuller’s earth treatment plant with free moisture separation facility
2. Oil filtration and dehydration plant

The plant will be suitable for Oil treatment as described below:

Oil is taken into the raw oil storage tank with the help of vacuum. Then is allowed to settle in the tank and dirt, free water (if any) is drained out. Oil is sucked with the inlet pump. Then it is heated by passing through heater tank and then passed through spirafuge and coalescer filter to separate coarse contaminants and free moisture present in the oil.

After removal of free moisture oil is passed through the activated fuller's earth tank to remove acids and impurities such as breakdown products arising in the use of oil. Fuller's earth is used before vacuum treatment to provide cleaner feed and to give an oil final polish.

Then this oil is passed through the fine filter and vacuum degassing and dehydration chamber to remove the maximum moisture and other contaminants to achieve required oil quality / parameters.

1. Sludge Materials formed inside the transformer can be eliminated.
2. Wastage of Oil is minimum.
3. The system can also be used for periodical reconditioning.
4. Neither Transformer nor Oil is needed to be transported hence saving time (for shutdown).
5. Avoid major overhauling
6. Where overhauling of transformer is not possible
7. Simple and economical process.
8. System can be attached to a light vehicle.