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Equipment Hiring & Rental Services


Apart from being a lead manufacturer; Sumesh also deals with Hiring / Rental services based upon the requirement of the client. Here mentioned below certainly are the details of the same:-

Oil Filter Machine

  • We are one of the lead service providers for filtration of transformer oil; also, well equipped for maintaining the Transformer Oil Filtration Plant to achieve desired parameters.
  • We have Oil Filtration Plants equipped with latest technology which is used for the filtration of Transformer Oil as per IS 335 and IS 1866.
  • With large amount of filtration equipment, we aim to provide our customer prompt delivery with added advantage of skilled operators of the filtration plant.
  • Oil filtration plants are truck mounted, mobile on pneumatic tyre, mobile on roller, skid mounted etc.
  • Capacity :-
    • Transformer Oil Filtration Machine – 540 LPH
    • Transformer Oil Filtration Machine – 2250 LPH
    • Transformer Oil Filtration Machine – 3000 LPH
    • Transformer Oil Filtration Machine – 6000 LPH
    • Transformer Oil Filtration Machine – 7500 LPH
    • Transformer Oil Filtration Machine – 10000 LPH
    • etc. to suit as per Client’s Requirements
  • Features :-
    • The Filter Machine is designed keeping the transportation in mind to ensure low-cost transportation even at site.
    • Effectively maintained equipment’s for optimum results.
    • BDV [Breakdown Voltage] Testing Kit (Optional).
    • Operator (Operator)
    • Easy to learn and operate and can be handled by any unskilled worker.

Dry Air Plant

  • Construction :-
    • Through our research and development team, we have designed the Dry Air Plant keeping the atmospheric condition of India in mind where the average ambient pressure and temperature is quite high throughout the year.
    • The plant is designed in such a way that keeps the ultimate critical and sensitivity of transformers in mind.
    • It consists of Dry Air Unit with compressor and Air receiver of combination.
    • These air dryers are specially designed to suit the transformer drying application with additional refrigeration air dryer, auto drain valve, carbon filter, and after filter
  • Advantages :-
    • Sumesh is the manufacturer of complete range to heatless compressed air dryer system for moisture removal in the air, these compressed air dryers are designed for Transformer Drying application.

Oil Storage Tank

  • We provide Oil Storage Tank for hire / rental basis for the storage of Transformer Oil. The tank is specially designed in such a way keeping the factors for the Oil Storage in mind.
  • Capacity :-
    • 10 KL,
    • 15 KL,
    • 20 KL,
    • 25 KL,
    • 30 kl
    • 45 kl
    • 60 KL; etc. as per the requirements
  • Features :-
    • It is painted with heat and transformer oil resistant paint from inside.
    • Sumesh’s Oil Storage Tanks are equipped with Silica Gel Breather.
    • The inlet and outlet valves are kept diagonal, keeping the requirement of Transformer Oil filtration in mind.
    • The tank is designed keeping in mind about ensuring the low-cost transportation at sites.


As per the requirement we also provide the below mentioned products on Rental basis :-

  • Online PPM Meter
  • Dew Point Meter
  • Acidity Testing Kit
  • Hot Oil Circulator
  • Oil Transfer Pumps
  • Air Compressor
  • Power Generators